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This is the website for the OpenAMQ on Windows community. On this site you'll find the most recent news, discussions, and downloads for OpenAMQ on Windows. While we at iMatix started this site, and make most of the content, you're welcome to get involved: report bugs, write wiki pages, submit examples and news.


Shiny ready-to-go

23 May, 2009:

Latest kit, builds with MSVC 2008 (and in theory with MSVC 2003)

Older versions, build with MSVC 2003



  • launched! (February 16, 2009) We've launched a website dedicated for OpenAMQ users and developers on Windows. As well as pre-built packages, this site will collect news, tips, and howtos on working with OpenAMQ and Zyre on all versions of Windows. (+0 "0")

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Recent comments

You can, actually, install VCExpress and rebuild openamq, and get GSL/4 (gsl.exe). Quite straight...
(by pieterh 07 Nov 2009 12:22, posts: 7)
I need precompiled iBase (gsl.exe) for windows. I don't use C (and probably won't). Where from it...
(by zensign 07 Nov 2009 11:19, posts: 7)
Yeah.. static libraries can be hard to work with sometimes. DLL runtime would be great.. Was...
(by Nic_hosin 16 Oct 2009 01:24, posts: 7)
I personally think having a build that is linked with DLL runtime is very important. For example,...
(by vlad_oamq 22 Apr 2009 03:47, posts: 7)
Hi pieterh, Well static libraries have their beauty also ;-) !… …yes it works fine for me. I tes...
(by ulysse1912 20 Feb 2009 13:47, posts: 7)
This is a great idea. I think actually we'll switch completely to the DLL runtime since that's...
(by pieterh 20 Feb 2009 10:06, posts: 7)
Good article, thanks a lot for your explanations! …and in order to build binaries running with t...
(by ulysse1912 20 Feb 2009 09:46, posts: 7)

Open issues

1 - Switch to DLL runtime: The build should use the DLL C runtime by default. (22 Apr 2009 07:50) (+0 "0")

Wiki pages

Building from the Windows source kit: Here is how I build OpenAMQ and Zyre from the latest source packages on I installed Microsoft's free Visual C Express, which is a complete C/C++ compiler and Visual Studio for Windows. It is equivalent to Visual C/C++ 2008. (17 Feb 2009 20:57)

Managing Release and Debug builds: It's useful to manage both release and debug builds of OpenAMQ and the software stack it comes with. Release builds are a lot faster (3-4 times, I guess) but useless if you get a crash. If you use WireAPI for your apps, you'll absolutely want debug builds. (17 Feb 2009 20:56)

Useful free tools to install: These are some packages that help create a usable working environment on a Windows XP box: (17 Feb 2009 20:53)

Installing the executables: This article explains how to install the pre-built packages. (16 Feb 2009 10:41)