Installing the executables

This article explains how to install the pre-built packages.

Types of build

  • Debug builds - these are slower than release builds but they contain all the information needed to debug if there is a crash.
  • Release builds - these are faster and more compact than debug builds but if they crash you can't report a useful error.

Generally, run the debug builds unless you need performance.

What's in the package

The OpenAMQ and Zyre packages contain a bunch of executables plus some other files. Unzip into a directory like C:\openamq. The executables can run from anywhere, with all configuration done on the command line. Type the executable name plus '-h' for short help, or '—help' for long help.

The WireAPI libraries package contains the same lib and include tree that you'd get if you built from source, in debug mode. Unpack this zip file and add the lib and include directories to your projects for building. Note that these are built using the LIBCMTD.olib debug library.

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